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Mobile applications
Basic Premium Professional Enterprise
Who is it for? Parents, Family,
Nannies, Daycares
Small Home Daycares
Child Care Centers,
Large Home Daycares
(2+ rooms, or 2+ teachers)
Business owners
operating more than one
Child Care Center
Price Free $8.99 / Month $44.99 / Month $89.99 / Month
Automatic summary emails at
the end of the dayWhat's this?
Manual only
Prevent other users to modify
your entriesWhat's this?
Customize categoriesWhat's this?
Attendance reportsWhat's this?
Send documents to parentsWhat's this?
Parents can sign in/out their child via pin code
Send emergency alerts by text message and email
Administrators can approve photos before sending to parents
Personalized brandingWhat's this?
Child Care Management Console
 What's this?
Number of Child Care Centers 1 Unlimited
Free 30 Day Trial
Free 30 Day Trial
Free 30 Day Trial
Email Daily reports
Push notifications
Number of children Unlimited
Number of caregivers Unlimited
Number of photos Unlimited
Number of events per day Unlimited
iPhone Application $4.99
iPad Application $4.99
Android Application $4.99
Cancellation and Refund Policy

I bought the iPhone application, do I need to buy again the application for my iPad?

You can use the iPhone applications on the iPad, you won't have to pay again for it but the app is not optimized for the iPad and is not taking advantage of the big screen (it's not a 'universal' App). We also have a separate application optimized for the iPad called 'Baby Connect for iPad'. Because it's a separate app you'll need to purchase it independently from the iPhone app. All entries will be synchronized on both apps.

My partner already paid the iPhone/Android App, do I also need to pay to download it on my iPhone/Android phone?

If you are both sharing the same iTunes/Google Store account, you only have to pay once. If you're using a different account, then you'll have to buy the App for each phone.